Contact Information

SWVAMRG Current Officers Contact Information:
Captain: Ashley Lewis
1st Lt - Operations: Anthony Rinaldi
2nd Lt - Training: Trevor Motley
2nd Lt - Personnel: Bruce Harper
2nd Lt - Recruitment/Retention: James Schlitt
Officer at Large: Joshua Quesenberry

SWVAMRG General Contact Information:
Phone: 540-961-1189
Address: Southwest Virginia Mountain Rescue Group
Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad
1300 Progress Street
Blacksburg, VA 24060

How to Request SWVAMRG:
If you are reporting someone missing: Call 911 Immediately!!
If you are part of an Agency in VA and have no MOU with us: Call the VDEM EOC at 1-800-468-8892
If you are part of an Agency and have a direct MOU with us: Call SWVAMRG at 540-315-2674

One Hour Driving Time Map:
Purple = 30 min Radius, Green = 60 min Radius